Criteria for a loan despite credit score

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If your house bank rejects your loan because of a negative credit entry, you should contact other banks. Important: First ask the banks to only send a request for terms and conditions instead of a loan request to credit score, because the latter can further worsen your creditworthiness. Since banks generally not only use your credit score to assess your creditworthiness, you have various options for influencing this in a positive way:

Find a co-applicant and / or guarantor: Apply for emergency loans together with a second person who ideally has a better credit rating than you. Either you choose a co-applicant. They have the same rights and obligations as you: they can have a say in how the loan is used, but are also liable to the same extent as you. Or you can use a surety who has no say, but is liable or continues to pay your loan if you are no longer solvent.

Additional tip: Sometimes banks refuse a loan despite negative credit score because the framework conditions are not right. For example, if the amount of your income does not match the planned installments, this can be a reason for rejection. If necessary, talk to your bank here and negotiate the terms again.

If your application for credit is rejected by all established banks despite credit score, you can alternatively try a personal loan : On online platforms, private individuals lend their money at softer conditions than the banks. Friends and family can also become financiers, but bear in mind the saying friendship ends when there is money Visit This Link for knowhow.