Telugu horror webseries on aha

Do you like watching horror films or web series? It would be a great choice to play such movies or web series while spending a night with cousins or friends. Horror movies and web series will have a good effect if you watch them during the night. Are you trying to find a horror web series to watch along with your friends? Then Anya’s Tutorial would be a good choice. It is a web series with just seven episodes in its first season.

Each of its episodes is just around 30 minutes, so it would be a perfect choice for you, even if you are watching all of it, just like a movie. Aha is the first place to look for finding Telugu webseries, including Anya’s Tutorial. It is a streaming platform where you can also find many Telugu movies and Tv shows.

The cast of Anya’s Tutorial

The central cast members of this web series are Nivedhithaa Sathish as Lavanya – Anya and Regina Cassandra as Madhu – Anya’s sister. The other cast members include Pramodini Pammi, Darsh, Sameer Mall, and Sai Kamakshi Bhaskarala. The cast selection is good, especially with the role played by Regina as Madhu.

The story of Anya’s Tutorial

The story starts with Anya moving on to an old apartment during the lockdown, where she finds the presence of some paranormal activities. She uses it to increase her YouTube channel’s fame by playing with the devil. But the situation gets much more serious and troublesome afterward. Her sister Madhu visits Anya to stop her from doing the YouTube channel, but she never stops.

What can you expect from Anya’s Tutorial?

Anya’s Tutorial is a well-made horror thriller with a unique storyline focused on different aspects. Even though it shows the presence of paranormal activities, in the beginning, the next part includes some past stories. It is a web series about childhood trauma, social media perils and teenage anxieties, which everyone should know.

Watch the horror thriller Anya’s Tutorial only on aha

The Telugu horror web series Anya’s Tutorial is currently streaming only on the aha OTT platform. You can watch all its episodes (seven) online in aha if you have a subscription plan. The aha subscription plan is a ticket for you to watch unlimited Telugu movies, tv shows, web series, and many others. You can find all sorts of Telugu movies and web series like horror, romantic, comedy, action, and many others in different sections on the aha-OTT platform. So you can simply take its affordable subscription to watch all your favourite shows online whenever you want.